Dobot Magician


Lightweight Intelligent Training Robotic Arm – An all-in-one STEAM Education Platform.

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DOBOT Magician is a multifunctional desktop robotic arm for practical training education. Installed with different end-tools, DOBOT Magician can realize interesting functions such as 3D printing, laser engraving, writing and drawing. It supports secondary development by 13 extensible interfaces and over 20 programming languages, which really makes your creativity and imagination increase without any limitation. As the good performance both in hardware design and software application, DOBOT Magician has won the CES 2018 Innovation Award and iF DESIGN AWARD 2018.

High Qualification Standards

DOBOT Magician applies to major international standards like CE, RoHS, ERP, FCC, KC, PSE, TELEC, etc.

Hands-on Experience for Everyone

DOBOT Magician is low cost, small size, and easy operation, which allows every student to practice on their own. It improves the teaching efficiency dramatically. It can be controlled by Programming, APP, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mouse, and more.

Secondary Development

DOBOT Magician is compatible to develop user applications with its 13 I/O ports, API, released protocols. It can be developed with several programming languages, ROS, PLC, Microcontroller and Arduino.

Multi-Robot Collaboration

You can control several DOBOT Magician by the same device only, which allows Multi-Robot Collaboration.

Free Combination & Training Curriculum

DOBOT Magician is compatible with multiple accessories such as linear rail kit, conveyor belt kit, visual kit, and crawler robot to apply different training projects. What’s more, multiple applications and training curriculum are available. An open platform for robot education like Industrial 4.0, Automation, PLC, etc.

Cost-Effective Robotic Arm in Training Education

With a fair and reasonable price, DOBOT Magician has 0.2mm repeatability which can simulate almost all real factory robot applications.

Up to now, DOBOT Magician has been successfully applied in many institutions such as Tsinghua University, Shandong University, University of Technology Sydney and more.Enterprises such as Volkswagen, Alibaba, Tencent have established cooperation projects with DOBOT Magician.

As the good performance both in hardware design and software application, DOBOT Magician has won the CES 2018 Innovation Award, iF DESIGN AWARD 2018, Red Dot Design Award 2018 and 2017 Red Star Design Award.

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