About IST Robot

At IST Robot,

We are a team of professionals

with more than 20 years

of experience in this industry

IST Robot Sdn Bhd was formed in 2017 in Penang to serve the Malaysian Industry with the intention of fulfilling our mission of providing Industrial Automation Robotics Solutions in line with Industrial Revolution 4.0. Our vision is to be the top Supplier of Choice for Automation Robotics for the 21st century.

We provide design solutions and customized system integration with our cobots as well as the supporting systems such as AGV, Tool Changeover, Conveyor systems and many more.

  • Manufacturing
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Life Sciences
  • Small Business
Official Brands
  • OnRobot
  • TM Robot
  • Dobot
  • Casun
  • Hitop
  • Chin Tech
Our Mission

– To be Asia’s most competitive Robotics Integral and Automation Solutions provider

Our Vision

– To be the foremost Key Enablers in the evolution of modern frontier technologies

Our Services

– Robotics Solutions
– Flexible Robotics Systems
– Assembly Cells
– End of Arm Tooling
– Quick Change Systems

Our team at IST Robot

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