Techman Robot TM5 - One of the most robust robot in the world

TM5 is equipped with smart built-in vision system, intuitive hand-guide teaching, and patented easy-to-deploy TMflow software. TM5 is so simple and easy to use that user can deploy it to various automatic production lines very quickly and flexibly. TM5 is the best choice of Industrial 4.0 Robot for your smart factory.


Users can use hand-guiding function to teach robot every pose and point in the task. All-graphic flow chart based HMI allows people to use robots as simple as smart phones.


With our powerful built-in vision system and TM flow™ , TM5 can see, think and work unitedly and smartly like human and easily achieve jigless automation tasks.


TM5 complies with the ISO 10218 human-robot safety requirement. All our efforts to make the robot safer bring the production and manufacturing into an era of human-robot collaboration.

Revolutionary User Interface

You can implement your automation task with our revolutionary simple- to-use TMflow™ . In combination with TM Robot hand-guiding teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, users without coding experience of industrial robots can complete a visual pick & place teaching in 5 minutes. Techman robots reduce your time-to-production and save your total cost in automation.

More Features

Master in Robot Vision

Many standard robot vision functions are already built into our system: pattern matching, object localization, visual servo, image enhancement, bar code reader, color classifier, etc. All these functions have been merged into our remarkable easy-to-use user interface and help TM Robot to easily achieve jigless automation tasks.

Build-in Vision

TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates both hardware and software perfectly. You don’t need to worry about how to integrate these complicated vision components by yourself, something that always costs a lot of time and money.

5 Min to Achieve A Visual Pick & Place Task

Combined with our smart vision system and hand-guiding functions, everyone, even those without robotic programming experience, can achieve a visual pick & place task within 5 minutes.

Use Your Smart Phone

TM Robot is the first industrial robot in the world, for which the user can use a smart phone to program it with full industrial robot functions. A revolutionary simple App interface is designed to make this possible. While activating full robot vision functions, a tablet can be used to program vision tasks with a larger screen. You don’t need to carry a heavy and wired tech pendant any more.

Use Your Hand

Another reason TM Robot is simpler than other robots nowadays is the well-designed hand-guiding functions and user experience. You can guide every pose and point in your task by hand and change the degree of freedom of the hand-guide function freely according to different conditions.

Easy to Deploy

TM robot is so simple to program, so it is very easy to be deployed into different jobs, reducing your time-to-production and saving your total cost in automation.


150N Force Limiting

This robot complies with the safety requirements for collaboration of humans and robots as specified in ISO 10218. When the robot collides with an object and has been detected by the sensor, it will immediately stop to protect personal safety.

Building a safe and collaborative environment

In designing the TM Robot system, safety was deemed as the most important part. The hardware & software have been tested numerous times in order to ensure that safety for TM Robot is the first priority under any circumstance.

Pressure-free operational environment

TM Robot has been built with the innovative technology, integrating robotic control with safety monitoring. Accordingly, it has built an efficient and collaborative environment.